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AGM Trading update


AGM Trading update: The ongoing investment in the deployment of the Group’s integrated identification technologies and expansion of the laundry business have remained a key focus.

Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meeting  


Further to its Preliminary Announcement issued on 27 June 2017, Photo-Me (PHTM.L), the instant service equipment group, announces that it has today made available to shareholders the Annual Report for the year ended 30 April 2017 and the Notice of Meeting for the 2017 Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’).

Photo-Me International plc Results for the year ended 30 April 2017


A webcast of the results presentation by CEO Serge Crasnianski, COO Eric Mergui and CFO Gabriel Pirona, is available here.  
Record profits at £48m and fourth consecutive year of double-digit earnings growth.

Rollout of Irish passport renewals in UK cities


Photo-Me has launched its Irish passport renewal service to Irish citizens residing in the UK via its photobooth network across Great Britain.

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    AGM and GM Information
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    AGM and GM Information
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    AGM and GM Information

Webcast of the presentation for Photo-Me’s 2017 Preliminary results